4 Best Bars in Thong Lor and Ekkamai in 2018

4 Best Bars in Thong Lor and Ekkamai in 2018

Bangkok is often called “The Land of Smiles”, but actually its official name is the longest name of any city in the world. The first part of that name, Krung Thep, in Thai means “City of Angels”. In this feature we will be taking a look at some of the most interesting and eccentric bars in Bangkok’s Ekkamai and Thong Lor areas. These bars have much more to offer than just alcohol, so let’s get started!!



WWA Cafe X Chooseless

Address : 77 Ekkamai Soi 2, Klong Tan Nua, Bangkok
Phone Number : 02-006-4349, 083-289-9899
Hours : Wednesday~Friday 12:00~21:00  |   Saturday~Sunday 10:30~21:00
Regular Holiday : Monday - Tuesday
URL : https://www.facebook.com/pages/WWA-Cafe-X-Chooseless/506774702832585

First up is WWA Cafe X Chooseless, a lifestyle shop just off of Ekkamai Street. Located about 2.4 Km away from Ekkamai Station, it’s a bit of a hike, but there is so much to see and do along Ekkamai Street, you’ll be glad you walked.

This shop has an exterior that you can’t miss, and inside are all of Bangkok’s hottest trends. The large door of this concrete structure leads to a surprisingly bright interior with high ceilings that give a wonderful sense of openness. Inside there is a cafe where visitors can sit and enjoy the cool eccentricity of the shop’s interior design.

The trendy interior has garnered massive popularity particularly among Bangkok’s fashionistas, who often come here to take pictures for Instagram.

In addition to coffee and apparel, this shop also features a bar and Thai cuisine. They’re open until 21:00, so this is a great place to start the night before heading to the next bar.


Studio Lam

Address: 3/1 Sukhumvit 51, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok
Phone Number: 02-261-6661
Hours: 18:00~
Regular Holiday: Monday

Even from the outside, it’s obvious that this bar has a clear theme - music. The warm, wood-accented interior features a bar counter and shelves of records. I often find it’s easy to lose track of time here.

Locals as well as people from many different countries gather here to drink and hear good music. Try some yardon, a traditional Thai herbal liquor, and start up a conversation with a fellow music fan. Depending on the day, the genre of the background music often changes, so you may want to check their Instagram for details before going.


The Iron Fairies

Address: 402-404, Sukhumvit 55(Soi Thonglor), Khlong Tan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok
Phone Number: 099-918-1600  |  063-901-1106
Hours: 18:00-2:00


Next up is a jazz bar in the Thong Lor area, The Iron Fairies. A straight shot from Thong Lor Station, this bar faces Thong Lor Street.

The interior of the bar has a fantastical, steampunk aesthetic inspired by the work of designer Ashley Sutton. The spiral staircase, dim lighting, and chandelier will make you feel like you’ve entered a mysterious fantasy world.

At the bar you can of course order local craft beer, or choose from one of their beautiful fantasy-themed cocktails. If you’re feeling hungry, be sure to try their famous hamburger.

By the way, this is The Iron Fairies first location. Their second and third are in Tokyo and Hong Kong.



Address: 1000/39 Liberty Plaza, Sukhumvit 55, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok
Phone Number: 02-170-7684
Hours: Tue~Fri 17:30~26:00   |   Sat / Sun 11:30 ~ Late
Regular Holiday: Monday

Our last stop of the night, GAME OVER Lounge, is about a 13-minute walk from The Iron Fairies. Close to Khlong Tan Station, this bar is located on the far end of Thong Lor Street.

A brightly lit sign with the words “GAME OVER” lets you know you’ve arrived. Inside is a huge, open interior filled with games and comfortable furniture.

Unlike a lot of other game bars, this bar focuses more on analog games. One area has a big screen TV with video games, while other areas feature beer pong, giant Jenga, and other board games and drinking games. You can have a blast here with your friends drinking, eating, and playing all sorts of games.

Our favorite thing on the menu is definitely the truffle french fries. They also have a wide range of fun and interesting cocktails to choose from.




Ekkamai and Thong Lor are fun and exciting areas both day and night. Even if you’ve visited these areas during the day, come back at night and you will discover all sorts of interesting things that you probably missed. Each spot introduced in this article can be enjoyed as a bar, but what ties them together is that they each have an element of surprise. While it’s certainly possible to visit all of these places in one night, we recommend splitting them up over a few nights and taking your time to enjoy each one thoroughly.



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November 8, 2018